Public Utilities

Results and products of the Public Utility component in the water and sanitation sector – Kiev, 20.04.2016

The following section presents presentations and other materials such as manuals, open source software applications and reports for download. All potential users of those materials are encouraged to apply the developed products in their respective utility. The accompanying documents describe the installation and use of those products and provide additional links to online manuals.

Scheme of interaction between the government, the economic regulator and a water utility

Introducing Asset Management Planning in Dnipro VK and Novomoskovsk VK

Asset Inventory

Capital Investment Planning and the link to Asset Management Planning – an example from Dnipro VK and Novomoskovsk VK

Regulatory Policies and Tariff Determination in the Water supply and Sewage Sector

Financing and cash flow – Hypothetical example from Dnipro VK and Novomoskovsk VK

Lessons Learnt and advice on future direction

Demonstration video for the application of the asset management database

End of project video from GFA Consulting Group

Guidelines, instructions and software:

A Practical Guide to Starting Water Utility Asset Management

Annexes to a Practical Guide to Starting Water Utility Asset Management

Annex 1. Data Collection & Assessment Form

Annex 2. Repair Form for Above Ground Assets

Annex 3. Repair Form for Below Ground Assets

Annex 4. Example Level of Service Statement

Annex 5. Dnipro Pipe Unit Costs

Guidelines on Using Software for Asset Management Planning in Water and Wastewater Utilities

Instructions for Setting up an Asset Inventory Using QGIS and PostgreSQL Database Software

Asset Inventory Project Software – English version

Asset Inventory Project Software – version in Russian

Review of Database Tables

QGIS User Guide