Workshop Preparation of Project Proposals to Domestic and International Donors


Workshop presenter and moderator of the group work was Ruslana Stasyuk, Expert of LvivInvest Agency, one of very experienced specialists in this field, who has implemented dozens of successful projects on various topics in the Western Ukraine.

The second workshop focused on such important issues as the strategic planning of Regional Development Agency of Central Lugansk Subregion, the principles of elaboration of certain organisational documents, for example, presentation of the Agency and preparation of project proposals.

First of all, the participants reviewed the existing relevant sources of funding public initiatives, the term ‘project’, its structure and determined what distinguishes a project from other activities.

The next step of the workshop was defining a goal and a task of a project according to SMART criteria, project budgeting and its components, as well as peculiarities of preparation of project for program proposals for European funding institutions. The participants had the opportunity to consider the principles of logic matrix, project application form and criteria for evaluation and monitoring.

Due to interesting topics of the workshop, huge practical experience of the presenter and various interactive didactic methods, two days of training were very fruitful for the team of the Agency.