A series of trainings for the employees of Centres for Administrative Services


The representatives of Kyiv-based Centres for Administrative Services (CASs) and Kyiv Rayon Administrations completed the training course on professional development and the improvement of psychological skills. The training course was organised by NGO ‘The Edge of the Universe’ within the frameworks of the project ‘Reform of Municipal Services in Eastern Ukraine II’.

Since the local self-government bodies received many new responsibilities from central state executive authorities, the number of CAS visitors immensely increased. It causes the increased workload on the state administrators – CAS employees. It is important that the specialists accountable for administrative service provision at high quality standards have a high level of psychological resistance. Equally important is their ability to work under pressure using the acquired knowledge and skills.

During the training course, a particular attention was paid to generating such skills as effective communications, prevention of emotional burnout, conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

The participants took the keen interest to the training module on cyber security. All the aspects of protection of official and personal information have been thoroughly covered.

The lecturer of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS), Lviv Business School (LvBS) of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the author of books on integral dynamics Valerii Pekar held the final workshop of the training programme. The integral dynamics is an effective model of the evolution of thinking, leadership and management that interprets the reality as a development of psychological and social systems of various scales: a person, a company, a nation and humanity as a whole. During the course of the workshop, the participants discussed the issues how to change themselves, their organisations and their country.