Presentation of a pilot project on the occasion of a seven-year anniversary of Kyiv Centre for Administrative Services – Administrative Reform in Eastern Ukraine II Project joined in congratulating


Seven years ago, a transparent municipal permit centre was established. Now the centre is a modern open space with 54 work stations equipped with present-day office appliances, electronic queue management and advanced e-document workflow systems. More than 150 administrative services are available for the citizens at the centre.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko presented the pilot project on providing such administrative services as the first registration of vehicles and renewal of driver’s licence via Kyiv-based Centres for Administrative Services (CAS). According to Vitali Klitschko, from now on Kyiv dwellers can apply to CASs in order to exchange old paper driver’s licence for new photocard licence or to update the documents due to changes to personal details.

For now, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is keeping the functions of issuing the first driver’s licence. At present, new services are available at central Kyiv CAS at the address 19B Dniprovska Naberezhna Street. Gradually all Kyiv-based Centres for Administrative Service will provide these services.

‘Kyiv city authorities are working on the improvement of administrative service delivery, inter alia, on the extending the list of services provided via Centres for Administrative Services,’ Vitali Klitschko said. He added that from now on it is possible to exchange old driver’s licence for new one, receive new driver’s licence if yours gets lost, stolen or damaged, or if personal details are changed. ‘As you could see the whole procedure takes just 20 minutes. Good customer service is available promptly and without any delay,’ the Mayor noted.

For example, in case of changing a surname, the citizens can receive a new ID card and updated driver’s licence. In case of changing the place of residence, it is possible to get registered at the new place of residence and reregister a vehicle registration certificate and vehicle number plates.

The team members of Administrative reform in Eastern Ukraine II Project being implemented by GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development joined in congratulating and expressed particular gratitude to the project partners for cooperation and development of administrative service delivery system. Then the representatives of the project got familiarised with the full cycle of servicing at CAS starting from the registration of a visitor to the moment of receiving the ready documents.